Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr. Kiran Khalap (Co-founder and MD, Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy)

Mr. Kiran Khalap visited the SIMSREE campus on 29thJuly, 2015 to deliver a lecture which was 

organized by the Corporate Relations Committee. Mr. Khalap is the co-founder of Chlorophyll 

Brand Consultancy, which has defined and differentiated over 200 brands and created over 40 

brands from scratch. He has also been the Chairman of ACSAC, a committee led by the Unique 

Identification Authority of India, to define and create the brand in 2010. 

With his background and experience in the field of branding, he definitely cleared a few myths 

regarding the branding of a product. He defined the concept of a brand as an unchanging idea, 

with logo and advertising just facilitating in conveying what the brand really stands for. He 

stated that a real brand is the experience. This idea was amplified by the example of Apple 

changing its logo through a series of changes from Newton under an apple tree to the current 

logo of an apple halfway eaten. Another example supporting this idea was brands getting their 

names changed like the transformation of Hutch to Orange and finally to Vodafone proving that 

in spite of these changes, the experience provided by them remained the same, therefore was 

easily accepted by the customers.  

Throwing light upon corporate brands, he discussed that corporate brands are as important as 

product brands. In fact, the corporate brand is the new product brand and that the company 

may be the legal owner of a brand, but the customers are its real owners. 

“Products are created in the factory but brands are made in the mind” would be the perfect 

one line summary of the idea he conveyed throughout the interaction with the students. This 

session was met with a lot of quality questions and equally interesting answers and was an 

enriching experience for all the students.


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