Sunday, November 30, 2014

Guest Lecture by Mr. Colin Mendes

On the 8th of November, 2014 Mr. Colin Mendes, General Manager and Head Human Resources, Domestic Projects Group at Voltas Limited, graced the campus of Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education with his presence. The guest lecture was organized by the Corporate Relations Committee. Sir has over 20 years of experience and is an expert in the field of employee benefits, compensation, rewards and employee engagement.

The Guest lecture was on ‘Leadership during times of complexity and change’, a topic that is relevant to all management students. Sir started the discussion by emphasizing and explaining change as a constant factor in all our lives and expounding on the role played by technology while taking managerial decisions. He explained how data analysis and data mining are shaping the world as we know today as against earlier techniques of intuition. In order to inspire the young minds, Sir discussed and gave examples of leaders who have been instrumental in changing the course of events such as Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama and current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting the common thread which makes the leaders stand out amongst the crowd. He then shared an interview of Miss Avani Davda, CEO of Starbucks, with the batch walking them through her success story and elucidating how sheer dedication, hard work and vision can lead one to unprecedented success. He also shared the story of the young entrepreneur Farrhad Acidwalla who is listed amongst the top 25 young entrepreneurs of the world. He blessed the batch saying that he would love to see one amongst his audience become the next Farrhad Acidwalla emphasizing on how the youth can lead..

The students gained insights on the relevance of leadership in today’s competitive environment, concluding with an active question answer session. We thank Sir for answering all the questions patiently and look forward to having further interactions with him.


A very insightful lecture on leadership and self belief. Made us all realize that even we can be future leaders shaping the world.

Lecture was highly motivating. Sir gave us examples of successful young corporates which made us think and try hard to give our best to be as like those young leaders.

A very insightful and motivational lecture by Sir. Sir spoke about the importance of technology for future managers like us, and one needs to keep one's eyes and ears open for the next big thing. Thank you Sir for sharing your rich experiences with the batch!

Sir stated great examples the best one being the Starbucks story of Avani and her ascent to the summit of the coffee chain. A management lecture worth its salt anywhere, anyplace in the world.

A truly invigorating and thought provoking lecture. The discussion on the latest happenings in the industry along with the examples of individuals who have made it big, left a lot for young budding managers, such as us, to ponder over. The emphasis on keeping onself updated with the latest technological advances and industry trends motivated me to take up reading industry reports and business magazines. Thank You Sir for your inspiring words.

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The information related to leadership skills and how to make it big with innovative and experienced thinking was exactly what we were looking for, so engaging, informative, interesting and inspiring – Many thanks to you Sir for an excellent session!

The interaction was very interesting as sir not only explained about leadership skills but also covered a wide range of real life examples.

The real life examples really helped! A very inspiring lecture by Sir..

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Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words. The session has been so beautifully summarised by you. I personally enjoyed the interactions with bright young minds such as yours. Look forward to many more such engaging sessions. My best wishes to YOU, LEADERS OF TOMORROW !!!

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