Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr.Avinava Banerjee (Group Manager, Business Analytics and Strategic Planning at HUL)

On 26th July 2015, the Corporate Relations Committee of SIMSREE organized a guest lecture

by Mr. Avinava Banerjee as a part of induction process of the new batch of 2015-17. Mr.

Avinava Banerjee is currently the group manager, business analytics and strategic planning

at HUL.

Mr. Banerjee commenced the lecture by giving the commandments of success in the

corporate world and discussed the importance of prioritization of activities for next two

years. Sir also discussed the importance of having a definite goal in life. Mr. Banerjee

outlined his illustrious life and gave various examples which were extremely helpful to

understand the importance of passion, resilience and sustainability in one’s life.

Mr. Banerjee then discussed the specifics of marketing analytics and how the evolution of

big data techniques has helped to understand the market behaviour more closely. He also

spoke about the cloud services which are getting more and more popular these days and

how these techniques have increase the effectiveness of operation of the data.

Sir discussed how the big data is used by the companies to understand customers and

discussed a few applications of the big data which are popular these days. Mr. Banerjee also

discussed the future prospects of the big data and cloud technology and how the effective

use of this can help add value to human life.

Mr. Banerjee’s enthusiastic personality created a wonderful learning environment. The

session was interactive, insightful and the students indeed learned a lot from it.


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