Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra - (Head-Knowledge and Capability at Hewlett-Packard Global Business Services, India)

On 24th July 2015, SIMSREE’s Corporate Relations Committee organized a guest lecture

by  Mr. Surya Mohapatra. Mr. Mohapatra is the Knowledge and Capability Head, Global

Business Services, Hewlett Packard, India. He discussed the changing trends in the Human

Resource processes with the development of new technologies and social media. The speaker

made a very effective delivered speech and explained the scenario (VUCA- Volatile Uncertain

Complex and Ambiguous) in the present organizations. The organizations today are operating in

a difficult environment where the organizations have to be constantly updating the processes

as per the industrial trends.

Mr. Mohapatra spoke about the changing business environments and the need to

restructure the policies of the organizations. It is important for them to update policies with the

employees at the center. The employees are the most important resource of the organization

and it is important to give them a secure, happy and improved working conditions. The

organizations are finding it difficult to manage the employees and are breaking into smaller

organizations or flat hierarchy organizations. The mergers and acquisitions have also made it

important for the organizations to ensure all the employees are in line with the organizational

He elaborated the use of social media in the recruitment process.  With most of the

employers using LinkedIn and other social media portals to hire professionals, statistic says that

80% organizations use social media for recruiting professionals and 95% of them use linkedin.

The organizations now have a defined budget and a structured approach for the recruitment

process. It is important for HR professionals to combine the company goal with the acquisition

of the best talent to ensure growth.

Mostly HR professionals look for a candidate that meets the employer brand and the

required talent brand and to keep them with the firm HR should know how to decide the vision

of the company with a defined strategy that touches large number of employees.

The HR professionals have a very important role in collaborating and ensuring employee

engagement. The most important thing for an organization to ensure a higher retention rate is

more employee engagement. The company must value an employee and the employee must in

return ensure complete productivity for the organization growth.

To train these individuals HR must understand the power of videos. Earlier training used

to be one to many now a days it is many to many and is subdivided as pre-training, actual

training, and post-training.


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