Saturday, September 26, 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr. Albert Almeida

On 23th of July, 2015, Alumni Committee welcomed Mr. Albert Almeida (COO, Hungama Mobile) - an alumnus of the batch of 1989- on SIMSREE campus to address the new batch.
Mr. Almeida started the lecture by reminiscing about his two years at SIMSREE .A feeling of nostalgia took over him when he greeted eager students.
Mr. Almeida spoke about the importance of these two years and advised students spend this time wisely as these crucial years will never come back. Sir passionately spoke about his experiences in the college and about how he would do things differently given a chance to revisit these two years.
Mr. Almeida advised the students to keep an open mind and explore all the possibilities before settling for their jobs. Sir explained the importance of following one’s passion and marrying it with their means of living. Sir’s advice was to always go with gut feeling in every important situation in life.

Mr. Almeida then shared with the batch his journey after college and his stints in advertising agencies and media houses. Sir spoke about his experiences and learnings in these years and how every job taught him something new.
In the later part of the lecture sir opened the floor for questions and cleared all the doubts of the students.

Mr. Almeida’s inspiring words left students with food for thought and gave them a different perspective to look at these two years of management. Sir’s lecture motivated students to follow their dreams and never give up on their passions.


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