Saturday, September 26, 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr. Malcom Athaide

At SIMSREE, continuing the tradition of guest lectures by eminent industry personalities, Mr. Malcolm Athaide addressed the first year students on Wednesday, 29th July. Mr. Athaide is the President & Chief Risk Officer: Business Banking, Retail Banking, Agriculture and Inclusive & Social Banking at Yes Bank and also an alumnus of 1995 batch. It was a great opportunity for students to interact with such an illustrious alumni.
Mr. Athaide started the lecture by explaining the importance of family and parents in life. He advised students to never neglect their parents and always do everything for them. He gave an amazing analogy wherein he compared students with an organization of which their family are the shareholders and quoted, “Don’t disappoint your shareholders, they have invested in you so make their investment worth it“.

Mr. Athaide then went about explaining various fields in which the students can and should focus to broaden their scope of learning and getting better job opportunities in the coming future. Some of the areas Mr. Athaide talked about were: analyst, process control and systems, operational risk and market risk, operations research, etc.
Mr. Athaide gave a brief overview about all these fields so as to give the students a more clear idea about what opportunities can these fields of management offer. Sir also explained how students can channelize themselves towards building interest and excelling in these so that it suits their capabilities.
After explaining all these points, Mr. Athaide patiently answered all the questions students had across domain in management and all the students were thoroughly satisfied with the answers.
At the end, Mr. Athaide told the batch an excellent short story through which he conveyed the message that one can make or break his/her life and so one must work hard to achieve what’s best.

On behalf of the Alumni Committee, we would like to thank Mr. Athaide for taking time out of his busy schedule and enlightening the batch.


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