The Asia Pacific International Conference

6 participating countries, hosted at SIMSREE

SIMSREE shines at B-School Awards

Another 6 feathers added to SIMSREE's already well adorned hat when the institute bagged accolades at Dewang Mehta and Dainik Bhaskar Awards

Guest Lecture by Lord Meghnad Desai;

A phenomenal Guest lecture by a celebrity economist in the institute campus

SIMSREE Annual Finance Summit FISCUS'13

SIMSREE had the honour of having Mr. Seshagiri Rao – the JMD and group CFO for JSW Steel , on Campus for FISCUS'13 organised by the Finance Forum

SIMSREE Foundation Day

30 glourious years in the field of education

SIMSREE Annual Finance Summit FISCUS'12

SIMSREE had the honour of having Dr.Subir Gokarn, Deputy Governor RBI on Campus for FISCUS'12 organised by Finance Forum.

SIMSREE Students meet US First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama

The winning SIMSREE team consisted of Akanksha Sharma, Michelle Rodrigues, Akanksha Bhalla, Upasana Koul and Pratik Mittal.


SIMSREE had the privilege of having Mr.Vishwas Nagre Patil,IPS officer and addl. Commissioner of police (West zone)on campus for Sankalp'13 organized by the SSR committee

SIMSREE Students win Dandekar trophy 2011

Michelle Rodrigues and Clitus Fernandes, have won the prestigious Dandekar Trophy 2011 presented by the Bombay Management Association.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Orientation/Induction program of MFM and MMM Course

Yet another year for part time MBA began with the induction of the students of MFM and MMM courses. The program was addressed by the faculty of SIMSREE as well as Kishor Patil, alumni of the first part time batch in 2008. There was a panel discussion which was co-ordinated by Ashish Pawaskar and it included Dr. Manoj Bhide, Dr. RK Srivastava, Dr Sangeeta Pandit and Kishore Patil.
Here are some excerpts from the speech of Dr.Sangeeta Pandit, Finance HOD at SIMSREE :

There are about 6000 business schools in India, giving an MBA degree or diploma. A MBA on your CV is no longer a differentiating factor that will necessarily give a boost to your career. In spite of this, our SIMSREE MMS & PG students are sought after by Industry, due to the branding of Sydenham Management Institute and the quality of students. For these reasons, our campus is the preferred destination of reputed MNCs and Indian companies.
My pragmatic advice to you is to piggy ride on the reputation of our full time courses and in the process build your own branding. Well, how do you to do it? 
Our Finance Forum has a quarterly magazine-Arthneeti and the Marketing and Media Committee has a monthly magazine-Magma. You could start by contributing articles or commenting on the articles. It will give you visibility. Arthneeti has a national level essay competition that sees participation from all over India and even overseas, you could participate in it that, to increase your networking to exponential levels.The Finance Forum also has a fortnightly magazine called Market Round Up which gives holistic views on core industries, you should ideally post your comments and analyses there, it’s a great way to get noticed by people from Industry. Fin-o-buzz is a weekly compilation explaining financial jargons, just glancing through it will help your drafting and speaking skills.
We have a SMR Journal, the Sydenham Management Review, with an ISSN no, if your article is published there, you could always mentionit in bold on your CV, signifying you have a publication to your credit in a reputed Journal.
We have an annual Asia Pacific Conference with various tracks: Finance, Marketing and General Management, you could present papers there, if they are up to the mark, they would be published inthe Conference proceedings that have an ISBN number and a chosen few get published in a special edition of the SMR journal. Even attending the conference as a delegate can give you a wealth of information! People from across India and even outside, participate in big numbers; you would be definitely richer by the exposure.
Another option is initiatingResearch Projects within the company you are working in with help from the SIMSREE faculty. For instance, if your company wants financing, a project report could be written as to the avenues of finance that they could tap into, given the fundamentals of their Balance Sheet. Or if they want to launch a product, primary data could be collected of probable customer response.
Our full time course have Centres of Excellence, you could participate in the events organized by them or better still, form your own with their help. 
We the faculty and staff at SIMSREE are mere catalysts, providing you a platform to obtain a meaningful MBA degree, it is totally up to you to take the benefit. You are all matured adults with great credentials, you will be treated like managers with dignity, and we will not micromanage your attendance, performance or involvement in the course.
A few of our students have benefitted and added to the branding of the course. Let me give you examples of our MFM and MMM courses’ illustrious alumni, you could just Google their names: Chadrakant Thorat, Jatin Shah, Hemant Patil, Dyneshwar Bajage, Manohar Hire, Benjamin Samson and some others and I am sure I have missed out a few. These students  held leadership positions in the course, they were instrumental in arranging workshops and guest lectures, their attendance was almost 100%, it is these students whose career has made a significant difference due to their added qualification of MFM or MMM. 
This college and campus after 3 years will be your alma mater, you have to take that benefit and in the process give back to it. You gain, improve your career positioning and that increases the course branding which again improves all our ratings.
Through technology and platforms such as Face book & Google groups, you may not feel the need to come to campus. If you have issue of commuting and evening timings, you could have taken an online course. If you think you have been smart to get into a college, that has good branding, let me tell you with my experience of more than 3 decades that a mere degree from even the most highly rated B school is just a piece of paper unless it is backed by information, knowledge, prudence, wisdom and sound networking. This knowledge base you build up by attending sessions, participating in events and networking.  This networking, which is imperative today, can happen only after face to face interaction with your seniors, faculty and staff. One particular CR, Mahadev, if I recall correctly, urged me to hold a workshop called IMPACT, where the best of speakers from Industry discussed the implications of IFRS, GST and Investment Planning of retail investors. Believe me, I received calls and emails from most of the participants after 3 to 4 months praising the experience and how it enriched them. 
Our honourable Director has an open door policy, you can meet him with your suggestions and at grievances anytime, our library staff is very friendly, helpful and also knowledgeable. Professor Puneet with just one phone call will help solve your issues with thetime table or faculties. He is one of out our alumni and can guide you well. Ravi Sir and Farooque Sir have always been a great support to students. Professor Pawaskar, part of our illustrious alumni, is ever willing to listen and offer invaluable advice. Professor Srivastava who heads our PhD department can give you tips how to write papers and do Research. I am part of the Finance department and you can approach me anytime for any finance related queries. We have core faculties and visiting faculties who are all experienced and compassionate towards those who want to learn.You can take advice from our full time course chairpersons-Prathik and Rohit  and your seniors like Brijesh, Viral, Pooja and other sincere students.
We make no difference between our MMS course, PG course andour part time course. It is the same faculty, same staff, and same infrastructure. It is in your hands to make your course as sought after as the full time course.
 I welcome you to this August Institute and pray you have the wisdom to take benefit of so much it has to offer. 
Thank You.