Monday, October 8, 2012


SIMSREE witnessed cynosures of the industry at FISCUS’12, the annual Financial Summit. The presence of Guest of Honour Dr. Subir Gokarn, Deputy Governor, RBI sparkled the sombre milieu along with Chief Guest Mr. Ramesh Chandak Managing Director & CEO of KEC International Limited (KEC) and Keynote speaker Mr Nilesh Shah, Director Axis Direct. It was a lifetime opportunity to listen to veteran Dr. Subir Gokarn speak about “India: 6% Growth, The new Comfort Level?” He very succinctly put forward the analogy between Policy Makers and Managers while elucidating the ingredients of growth. He listed down the various macro factors that needs to be addressed for sustainable increase in growth rate. The intricate concept given by Dr Subir Gokarn was further explained in a very lucid manner by the Mr Ramesh and Mr Nilesh Shah.

Hon' Deputy Governer RBI Dr Subir Gokarn

In his addressal, Mr. Ramesh Chandak spoke about the impact of the Power sector which is one of the most critical growth drivers for a country. He started by talking about the recent major fallacies in the sector including the massive grid failure and Coalgate scam and its implications on the overall health of the country and its economy. He pointed out that in comparison with the global leaders, India stills lags far behind in the per capita power usage with a stark difference in the demand and supply. According to him, for addressing these vital issues we need an integrated energy ministry and a developed infrastructure to reduce distribution losses.

Mr. Nilesh Shah addressed students on the topic of benefits of capital market for growth of Indian economy. He emphasized the point that development of domestic capital market is the need of current economy to encourage entrepreneurship. He also said that we have a deep potential for capital market in India and it will start benefiting the economy if more people start investing in the debentures, equities, bonds, securities etc. instead of creating physical assets in terms of gold, silver and diamonds. Mr. Shah talked about the significant role that debentures would play for sustainable growth. He gave an example of how TUF i.e. Technology Upgradation Fund for textile industry played a major role in sustainable growth of the textile industry in India in the times of inflation.

What followed was one of the most engaging discussions that students of SIMSREE had ever witnessed. The panel discussion included corporate stalwarts like Mr. Gautam Patel, MD Zodius Advisors (Moderator); Mr. Ritesh Kumar Singh, GM & Group Economist Raymonds; Mr. Anay Khare MD-Corp fin-IB, Enam Securities; Mr. Sundarapandian Vishwanathan, VP Capex controlling Head, ACC; Mr. Sidharth Punshi, MD Investment Banking JPMC; Mr. Paresh Patel, Founder and MD Sandstone Capital and Mr. Manishi Raychaudhari, MD BNP Paribas Securities. Each of the panelists while talking about their area of expertise mirrored the sentiments of Dr. Gokarn. They stressed on the need to extend the reforms in retail and aviation industries to infrastructure and other major growth inducers for the economy. They spoke about how targeting untraditional markets for exports and disinvestment by the government to fund infrastructure development in the country can help the economy grow at higher rate and sustain it. The discussion and the  Question & Answer sessions that followed was carried on in a crystal clear manner that captivated the attention of novice in the field of management helping them to grasp the current trend of Indian economy.
Panel Discussion

Fiscus‘12 thus turned out to be a grand success owing to the relentless efforts of the members of the Finance Forum, the constant support and guidance of our Director, Dr. M A Khan and all others who contributed to this successful mega event.
Dr Subir Gokarn with SIMSREE Finance Forum team


Congratulations Finance Forum team on the successful execution of this mega event!

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