Friday, March 4, 2011

Banking Workshop by Mr. Nitesh Gawade, a SIMSREE Alumnus

We at SIMSREE were privileged to host a workshop on Banking conducted by Mr. Nitesh Gawade, a 2008 alumnus of SIMSREE. Mr. Gawade is the founder of Edify Solutions. The workshop was conducted in two sessions of four hours each and was intended to apprise students of the various profiles available in the banking domain and the skill set required for each such profile as well as the expectations of employers. This was applicable to five specializations, namely, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Systems.

Day 1 of the workshop saw two topics being covered-Basic Banking and Banking Systems. Basic Banking started with the fundamental functions of banks and then moved on Retail Banking and Corporate Banking. Job profiles and responsibilities in these domains were clearly mapped out. The career path one might expect to follow here was also traced. Banking Systems covered a wide variety of topics-ATM, ECS, Internet Banking, IT Infrastructure, Core Banking, CRM, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Again, we were made aware of the various roles open to us and the responsibilities associated with the same. The skill set needed in such a position was also touched upon.

Day 2 saw a wider variety of topics which were covered by Mr. Gawade’s colleagues.  The session opened with a briefing on Treasury Process and Systems by Ms. Dhruvi Vora (again a 2008 alumnus of SIMSREE!). Treasury Mid Office i.e. Treasury Operation were covered by Mr. Gaurav Chheda. The session concluded with a summary of various Banking Profiles and skill set requirements by Mr. Gawade.

It was indeed a very interesting and informative session and cleared many misconceptions in the minds of students regarding Banking. We hope to host many more such educational sessions in future.


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