Friday, March 4, 2011

Guest Lecture by Mr. Dharmendra Rai

We were honoured to have on campus an extremely distinguished guest-Mr. Dharmendra Rai, National Sales Head and Vice President at Benchmark Asset Management Company Pvt Ltd, Assistant Vice President at J M Morgan Stanley and Mumbai’s first and only Licensed Mind Map Trainer.

Mr. Rai conducted a session on Mind Maps- a technique used by many of the world’s most intelligent and successful people for idea generation. Stalwarts such as Walt Disney have found this technique effective for brainstorming and innovation. It is also useful for enhancing lateral thinking which, as we all know, is a necessary skill in today’s competitive world.

A mind map essentially encourages the brain to work in the way it is best suited for-pictorially. The basic principle underlying mind maps is to start with a central concept and work your way outwards. The original concept results in a series of second level concepts which can be further extended to third, fourth....  successive concepts. The depth to which one must go depends on the creator of the mind map. Rather than thinking in a linear manner (which bores the brain and hence blocks further idea generation), one is encouraged to think in all directions. Emphasis is placed on representing each new idea or concept graphically rather than verbally. This further stimulates the brain to become more creative and innovative.

Mr. Rai practically proved this by conducting a small experiment.  He also explained how mind maps have been proven to improve one’s creativity, concentration power and idea generation ability. He also stated that mind maps are a tool which aids the worldwide shift from merely an age of information to an age of knowledge.

It was a very interesting and enjoyable session. This technique will surely help us to fulfil our roles as managers and leaders of tomorrow in a more efficient way and enable us to achieve new levels of excellence.


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