Saturday, November 7, 2015

Guest Lecture by Ms. Shraddha Khare

In today’s information age, the telecommunication industry has a vital role to play. Considered as the backbone of industrial and economic development, the industry has been aiding delivery of voice and data services at rapidly increasing speeds, and thus, has been revolutionizing human communication. With this, on 30th September, the Alumni Committee welcomed Ms. Shraddha Khare. Mam, an alumna of the 1994 batch, is the General Manager-Prepaid Operations at Idea Cellular. With over 12 years of experience in the telecom sector, the session revolved around the Telecom Industry: The Enabler of India's Digital Revolution.             

The students were enlightened about the evolution of the telecom industry from 1G to 4G, and possibly 5G in the future. The students also learned about the action that the industry will witness as the players as well as the subscribers gear up for 4G launch in India. The students were awestruck on learning about the facts and figures about the number of telecom users not only in India but also around the world. A proper distribution chart helped everyone gain insights on the reasons behind the growing need for broadband and the leading operators in the world. ‘Adaptation of the new technology is always a challenge, but customers are demanding. So if you as an operator are able to satisfy the customers’ demands, then you have the customers’ loyalty’, was the advice that would help  each person intending to enter the telecom world. Knowledge transfer on the evolution of the telecom industry in India, the importance of having mobile standards, contribution of the telecom sector to India’s GDP, India’s vision in 2020, eKranti, Internet of things, Payment banking, M2M opportunities, and the role of regulator in the telecom industry, were the highlights of the session. The batch’s doubts about Net Neutrality, National Telecom Policy (NTP 2012), tariff deciding factors, 4G, etc. were cleared to everyone’s content.
The session ended on a high note about the possible positive growth expected in the telecom industry with the current ‘Digital India’ project. We thank Ms. Shraddha Khare for enlightening the batch and sharing her valuable time and thoughts.



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