Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guest Lecture by Dr. Michele V. Gee

There was a guest lecture by Dr. Michele V. Gee on 7th of January 2015 in the SIMSREE Auditorium. The topic of discussion was "Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management". 
Dr. Michele V. Gee is the Associate Dean at College of Business, Economics and Computing (University of Wisconsin, Parkside - USA). Professor Gee specializes in strategic management and international business. She currently teaches Business Policy and Global Issues in Management. Prior to her academic experiences, Professor Gee was a marketing manager at IBM and AT&T. Professor Gee has presented her research in numerous international, national, and regional academic and professional conferences on topics such as cross-cultural management, strategic analyses of organizations and industries, and economic development issues. She has reviewed existing and proposed textbooks in strategic management, and has provided extensive strategic planning consulting to organizations and businesses.
While talking about Global Corporate responsibility she said that India ranks amongst one of the topmost countries, where importance is given to social responsibility. When she asked students about the importance of CSR, nearly 98% believe that it is important to give something back to the society as CSR. She was overwhelmed with the response of students and also further cleared that there would not have been same response if she asked same question in US. Hence the difference in views of the people makes it really difficult to judge whether it is a right decision or not. 
She also explained that rules for abortion in INDIA and that in US are way different. Thus, it creates a big question in the minds of people that what is to be considered right and what not. Similar is the thought process for the Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management. This short lecture helped students in understanding not only National perspective but a Global perspective for the topic which was discussed. A broader view for the same cleared the importance and scope for the CSR activities and its importance in the near future.
The session overall was very interesting and interactive which gave students new perspective to look towards the subject of Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management.


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