Monday, December 21, 2015

Guest Lecture by Mr. Manish Bansal

Unlike a quintessential lecture the session started with a content-full and insight-full video that spoke about the importance of investment and then the entire session revolved around the major learnings from the clip. Sir made those indirect learnings extremely lucid and fathomable with sharing his personal experiences and lessons, compiling which one can form an SIP “systematic investment program”

Lesson 1
Greed and Fear, these are the two major components of the market. “when people are greedy be fearful and when people fearful be greedy”. In short these two words indicate the temperament of the market, so when the market is greedy, flourishing, surrounded by good news, it’s the time to pull out your investments, as the line says it’s when you should be more fearful. But when the market is fearful, down, seeing a low that’s when you make investments and be greedy.
Lesson 2
“Rationale behind your investment”. Ask yourself why you want to put your hard earned money into something, have a strong reason backing your move. Do a thorough research before going for a particular company stocks. An astute investor knows where to put his money.
Lesson 3
“Start early” investments follow Fibonacci series. Hence law of compilation is what it grows on. The sooner you start the larger you amount will be at the end of the day.
Lesson 4
“Spend after saving than save after spending”. Saving should be the first priority and not spending when you receive your salary. Spend what you save after saving.
Lesson 5
“Don’t let sauce settle, keep stirring”. What it means is one shouldn’t let the money settle in a bank account because even a small amount of money counts. Keeping it in the bank may fold it twice over a decade but a good investment can fold it multiple times.
Lesson 6
“Don’t buy things you don’t need”. Do this and you may need to sell the things you need one day.
Lesson 7
“Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world”. As long as you don’t do anything stupid with your money, you would end up becoming rich provided you are discipline and patience.
And last but not the least “be a learning machine” add value to yourself every day because the biggest you have is you own reputation. 


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