Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Corporate Connect - Mr. Anil Kamath

The success story of ‘The Corporate Connect’ continued its unstoppable run with Mr. Anil Kamath gracing the campus on 10th October 2013 for a personal interaction with our students. The batch of 2013-15 consisted of a mix of students from marketing, finance & operations background.

Mr Kamath is the Ex Executive Vice President of Blue Star Ltd and Ex Managing Director of Wockhardt Hospitals Ltd. Mr. Kamath is also an entrepreneur in his own right as the founder Chairman of Esemcee Advisors which covers domains like Strategic Management, Finance, Training and Organizational Development.

The interactive session began on a lighter note with Mr. Kamath quoting ‘I call Healthcare Management as an inflation proof business’ and citing examples about how the volatility of the economy will never affect this line of business. According to him healthcare management is an indispensable part in lives of people in modern times.

Sir spoke about the nuances of healthcare management in India and the dynamics associated with it, without hesitating to leave the floor open for questions from the batch right through the presentation. He extensively discussed with the students about the rural scenario of healthcare management in India. Mr. Kamath, who is credited for setting up numerous hospitals all over India, explained the importance of tier II cities and towns and their impact on the healthcare sector and vice-versa. Sir also recollected his experiences of setting up new hospitals in India. He credited extensive market research and a good network of qualified doctors and surgeons along with raising awareness in the minds of people by conducting roadshows as the pillars of success for the new hospitals. Mr. Kamath also talked briefly about the ways of raising funds for new ventures. According to him, healthcare sector has the potential to reach $400 billion in revenues by the year 2025. When asked about the role of the Government of India in the healthcare sector, Sir answered in detail explaining about various government schemes and their benefits for the common man.

Mr. Kamath believed that ’Preventive care should be the basis of healthcare’ and went on to explain the adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Soon the session started revolving around the challenges faced by the healthcare sector, which was explained diligently by Mr. Kamath. He was of the opinion that ‘ethics’ play an important role in this sector. Sir spoke about the challenges of getting senior doctors and surgeons on board along with the necessity of innovation and R&D in the sector. He also gave an overview about the concept of ‘Gene Mapping’ and how it has the potential to revolutionize the contemporary way of treating diseases once it is completely developed and accepted into mainstream treatment procedures. Sir also made a comparative study of healthcare management between India and China and explained how India at 0.7 beds per 1000 people lags behind China which has about 2.5-3 beds per 1000 people. With this he highlighted the growth potential of Healthcare Management in India

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session with questions ranging from future scope, challenges, government policies and medical tourism. Sir patiently explained each and every thing in detail so as to give a crystal clear picture of the healthcare sector to the batch. The session concluded with a photo-op with Mr Kamath. We at SIMSREE are obliged to Mr. Kamath for giving students an opportunity to interact with him and look forward for more such sessions by Mr. Kamath.


It was a great experience interacting with sir..He talked about the healthcare industry and its various dimensions.He also gave insights on the healthcare industry in India and the world.

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