Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Corporate Connect - Mr. Rajendra Saboo

The Corporate Connect continued going from strength to strength, this time having a freewheeling interaction with Mr. Rajendra Saboo, Senior General Manager (Corporate Affairs) & Company Secretary, Supreme Industries Limited.

Mr. Saboo has been with Supreme since 1987 and is involved in every aspect of corporate management, such as strategy, planning, review of acquisition and joint venture proposals, driving top line growth and net results to name a few.

The session was held at Supreme’s office at Nariman Point on January 15, 2014. Mr. Saboo started the session with an introduction about Supreme and the sector in general. He explained about how the company came into existence and how it has grown leaps and bounds, especially in the last decade, the products that Supreme develops and why they are the leader in the sector.

The session then turned to technicalities with Mr. Saboo giving intrinsic details about every sector Supreme is in and what their future targets are. He talked about how a strong distribution network is essential for business like theirs. He said that the company’s focus is on localised marketing, which is the key to success in this industry. On being questioned about China being a competitor, he turned it down straightaway, explaining about the manufacturing processes and constraints plaguing the imports in this sector due to high freight cost and when asked if he sees volatility as a challenge, his answer was simple: Volatility is the game now.

Mr. Saboo also talked about the management principles followed in Supreme Industries. He talked about how good management and good business model, both are essential; one factor cannot substitute for the other. He also advised students to be aware of what his happening in the world around and read at least one financial newspaper daily for developing business acumen.

It was a pleasure interacting with Mr. Saboo and learn so much in so little time. We whole-heartedly thank Mr. Saboo and hope that we get many more opportunities to interact with him in the coming time.


A very interesting session focusing on finance and business strategies. I hope that we get many more opportunities to interact with Mr. Saboo.

An intriguing session explaining the technical and business aspects of the plastic processing industry. Thankful to sir for answering all the questions patiently. Would be delighted to have more interactions like such.

The session was a treat for all finance aspirants. We thank Mr. Saboo for his humbleness and willingness to share knowledge

A brilliant insight as to what goes into building a strong and robust business. Thankful to Sir for sharing his knowledge and experience. Kudos to the CRC team ! Keep it up !

A great session focusing on the business strategies implemented by the Supreme Industries and the financial discipline maintained over the years contributing to their success story. It was indeed a pleasure interacting with Mr. Saboo and we would thank him for the insights he gave us on the plastic processing industries and the future plans of Supreme Industries to cope up with the potential challenges the industry can face. Finally, special thanks to the CRC team for such a wonderful effort and making this meeting possible. Good work !!!

A very informative session focussing on the financial aspect of business. We look forward to be mentored by industry stalwarts like Mr saboo. Thanks CRC for setting the bar higher by organising such interactive and intriguing session.

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