Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Corporate Connect - Mr. Bhupendra Bhate

The Corporate Connect gave SIMSREE students a chance to interact with another veteran from the corporate world - Mr. Bhupendra Bhate, Head, Industrial Products, Integrated Engineering Services (IES), L&T.

Mr. Bhate has a strong experience of more than 30 years. Sir started his career with Godrej & Boyce Ltd. where he worked for nearly 10 years. After that, he joined Atos Origin as General Manager and then moved onto Softdell Systems Inc. where he was the COO. For the last 11 years , he has been working with L&T.

The session was conducted at L&T office, Powai on January 23, 2014. Mr. Bhate started the session with an introduction to the company and its verticals. While talking about the culture of his current organization, he said that the mind-set and culture of the company, which is influenced by top management, play a vital role in product development and its success. The designer or the architect should be given utmost importance in any undertaking. But in Indian companies they hardly get their due attention. Improvement on this front will help in developing better products.

He compared western culture to the Indian culture .He elaborated how the analytical ability accompanied by individual goals has resulted in a lot of inventions and discoveries in the Western world. A small country like Israel has achieved its success on the same principles. He stressed upon the need of more rational and analytical thinking.

Mr. Bhate talked about the importance of core education. He advised that students should possess thorough knowledge in their graduation specialization and a post graduate degree like MBA should act as polishing tool.

Mr Bhate then illustrated how the application of these principles has guided his organization to the number one spot in all respects. His organization encourages employees to develop new ideas and to act upon them. The result is that IES has 79 intellectual properties to its name. This has helped IES to stay way ahead of its competitors.

It was a pleasure interacting with Mr Bhupendra Bhate and learning many things in the little time that we got. We whole heartedly thank Mr Bhate and hope that we find many more opportunities to interact with him in the future.


Got a different perspective to look at Architects and Designers. The session was enriching. Thank you Sir !

Students got great insights about IES, L&T's work culture and ideology. It made to think about the culture we have grown in and improvements that are needed in ourselves. Expecting more interaction with Mr. Bhate in future.

Was a highly thought-provoking session. One of the key takeaways was about observing things around us critically, identifying the problem ares, decoding the patterns and coming up with no-nonsense solutions based on strong analytical reasoning. Thanks for the interaction sir! Hope to have more of such interactions in future!!

I will like thank Sir for providing the opportunity to gain valuable insights from the conversation. The session was very interesting and key knowledge on analytical ability and problem solving was obtained. Also the session gave totally new approach to innovative thinking. Wishing to have an interaction again with Sir.

Sir talked about the importance of thinking analytically and how it is an efficient way to solve any task at hand.A very insightful session.Thanks a lot Sir. Kudos CRC !!

It was great interacting with Bhate Sir again...i had the privileged of working under him...Sir is a great dynamic leader....In this session he talked about the importance of analytical thinking along with management skills....wish to work under sir again...

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