Friday, January 10, 2014

'Times Television Network' CEO at SIMSREE Campus

In a homecoming of sorts, one of SIMSREE’s most illustrious alumni, Mr. Avinash Kaul, visited its campus on January 10, 2014 for a guest lecture organized by the SIMSREE Alumni Committee. Mr. Kaul, a 1998 alumnus, is a marketing major from SIMSREE and is currently the CEO at the Times Television Network managing three channels of the Times Group (Times Now, ET Now, zoOm). He is a seasoned broadcast professional with 15+ years of experience across business verticals such as advertising, sales, distribution, programming and marketing.

Mr. Kaul commenced the lecture by recounting his journey of life in front of an enthusiastic audience of nearly 180 students. From humble beginnings as an engineer, through the exciting times as an MBA student in SIMSREE where he met his life partner to becoming the CEO of one of the nation’s premier media powerhouses, he had one mantra all along – ‘Go with the flow’. He attributed his successes to maintaining a positive attitude in life and the desire to learn from life’s experiences, good or bad. He elaborated on each of his previously held jobs in the media domain giving the absorbed listeners an insider’s view of the corporate world and the learning that can be derived from it. He encouraged the students to keep on challenging themselves, to explore new things and not be afraid to jump into the unknown. The right balance of risk taking ability and preparation can go miles in helping one achieve success.


When following your dreams, Mr. Kaul emphasized on three crucial aspects – give everything you’ve got and things will fall in place, prepare well and finally, do not have a fear of rejection or failure. He compared the corporate life, quite appropriately, to a hundred meter hurdle dash wherein the defining motto is ‘Go on and go ahead’. He also stressed on the need of staying updated with an apt quote – ‘If you’re not ready for the future, the future will not be ready for you’.

In the closing Q&A round, Mr. Kaul answered questions from an engrossed audience with effortless ease and a tinge of humor. The questions ranged from outlining the architecture of a media house to the inevitable reference to the popular, enigmatic news anchor Mr. Arnab Goswami who is the Editor-in-Chief at ‘Times Now’. The students were duly impressed with the detailed answers by Mr. Kaul and left with renewed vigor and enthusiasm at the end of an enthralling session that lasted for about two hours.


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