Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guest Lecture by Mr. V. Sarangapani

SIMCON (SIMSREE Consulting Club) blazed its trail by helping students to get a better perspective of management consulting as a career option, its opportunities and expectations.
The guest for the lecture was Mr. V Sarangapani, Executive Director of Bombay Management Association (BMA) and an advisor for Micro Technologies (India). He has over 36 years of experience which includes 28 years in TCS. With an experience of over 18 years in management consulting, he is one of the best persons to inspire students. The lecture opened new dimensions for students aspiring to be consultants.
Mr. Sarangapani started the lecture by talking about his journey in consulting. He mentioned about his learnings from clients, situations and experiences and also emphasized on the need of continuous learning in the consulting field. The most important thing he learnt from his experience is:
“When any new technology comes in, you should absorb it without resistance and use it to reduce efforts”.
Talking about the history of consulting, he cited Chanakya as an ideal consultant.

According to Mr. Sarangapani, an organization needs a consultant to bring in outside expertise and have a third person’s view. He also mentioned five important skills required for success in consulting. They include analytical thinking, ability to conclude with pros and cons, timeliness, ability to learn and most importantly openness to your mistakes and learning through those. He took us through consulting process and steps. This helped us to understand do’s and don’ts of the consulting field. The most effective part of his lecture was the relevant and engaging examples for every situation and fact which he mentioned.
Mr. Sarangapani also told us about BMA and how it is working for emerging corporates. In the question-answer session, he briefed about various areas of consulting and difference between those. Lastly, he advised upcoming consultants:
“Experience life and situations. Use the opportunities and give your best of it. Change according to situation. Don’t get stuck to core competence only”.
It was indeed a great start for SIMCON team 2013-15 and we thank Mr. V Sarangapani for making it successful.


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