Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Lecture by Rajnish Borah

The junior batch of SIMSREE had the opportunity of attending a session by Mr. Rajnish Borah on “Careers in HR”. Mr. Borah has close to 15 years of experience in Human Resource Management and has handled diverse HR roles. He is currently working as Head, HR, L & T General Insurance.

He insisted that the session should be interactive and started by asking the batch what they know about the various HR functions. Following which, he enlisted for the students the various specializations within HR such as Recruitment, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, HRIS, Compensations and Benefits, HR Analytics, Training and so on and spoke briefly about the role of each specialization. This helped in clearing whatever confusion the students had in mind about these specializations. He said that all the HR roles can be divided into four distinct categories: Administrative Expert, Employee Champion, Change Agent, Strategic Partner.

He also shared with the students the attributes required for becoming a successful HR professional. He stated that the ability to understand business is extremely crucial for an HR Professional to succeed. He also said that along with an in-depth knowledge of HR practices and the ability to successfully deliver them, a successful HR professional also needs to have a great amount of personal credibility. He said that although, traditionally, HR as a function has always been relegated to the back-seat and left out of strategic decisions, things are changing now because talent has become an extremely critical aspect of business.

Towards the end of the session, he enthusiastically answered all the questions posed by the students. The session certainly provided the students with a clear understanding of the evolving roles in HR. We look forward to more such interactive and insightful sessions.


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