Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Lecture by Mr. Purvesh Shah

SIMSREE organized a guest lecture with one of its prestigious alumni members Mr. Purvesh Shah on the evening of 16th of August, 2010. Mr. Shah currently is the Executive Director UBS Investment bank’s Asia Equity Sales. The guest lecture was a highly interactive one that broadly focused on the role of investment banking and the outlook of investment banking industry on emerging markets. He had a stint in London for three years before coming down to Mumbai. The inclination towards this sector stemmed up from a summer project that he had done with DSP that had continued beyond the two month tenure at SIMSREE when he was a student here.

The biggest learning given by him was that he stressed upon analytical thinking and building upon a perspective while formulating any strategy. The other aspect he pointed out was that one could make the most out of one’s job by being in a firm for a significantly longer period of time for a better understanding of the organization and to build a track record in the company for oneself.

The lecture was followed by queries on the part of students wherein many topics were touched upon like the role of emerging economies like China and Latin America in the world. Being our very first guest lecture, it was indeed a great learning for us and helped us greatly in refining our thinking to analyse upon a wide range of issues. Also, it put forth a broad perspective before us regarding Investment Banking as a career choice. We are very grateful to Mr. Shah for taking out his time and interacting with us.

-Vishuddha Thakkar
MMS 2010-2012


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