Friday, August 6, 2010

Credit Suisse visits SIMSREE Campus

Credit Suisse - Mr. Sandeep Kripalani, MD, Credit Suisse & Head of Prime Services

In today’s world the customer is looking for two things -diversification and customization; said Mr. Sundeep Kripalani, MD Credit Suisse and Head of Prime Services Asia Business Development. He visited the SIMSREE campus on Wednesday 28th July for an interactive session with the students.

Mr. Kripalani talked about the changing roles of private banking, investment banking and asset management – the three core areas of business for Credit Suisse. The boundary between these is blurring very rapidly. The roles of each are also changing like providing a diversified portfolio to a private banking client or giving a personalized service to an investment banking client. Since most of the financial institutes now are not pure-play investment banks or private banks, they already have the infrastructure in place to meet this requirement. The challenge is in deciding who benefits how much from each transaction.

While discussing his own department he explained how Prime Services is the most valued of all departments in an institution like Credit Suisse since prime services gets it revenue directly from clients by way of brokerage. He showed how Prime services can cover more and more functionalities climbing from Trade Booking to Product Development.


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