Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guest Lecture by Mr. Chetan Sharma

It was a guest lecture with a twist. Rather than giving a theoretical lecture, Mr.Chetan Sharma -alumnus of SIMSREE and Vice President, Bancassurance, Royal Bank of Scotland on 25th August 2010, chose to share some of his experiences with us. He spoke about all the problems he has encountered and the mistakes he has made in his career starting from his days at SIMSREE. It was of particular relevance to us as it is likely that most of us will face similar decisions in our careers.

Describing his initial tough time during his summer internship he told us how he learned to take work seriously. When he started work at IDBI he faced number of difficulties such as managing people much older than him. After his spell at IDBI, he moved on to DCB and then onto ABN AMRO. He told us about his swift rise; he got two promotions in two years and was finally made Vice President. He was one of the youngest ever Vice Presidents. 

Mr. Sharma also gave us some tips on investing and the stock market. He said he himself had made a few mistakes and ended up losing a lot of money on the stock market more than once. According to him, contrary to popular belief, investing in the stock market is not a gamble, but both an art and a science. He recommended a number of books to us, to read in our two years at SIMSREE. These books will help us understand the stock market much better.

We also had a question and answer round, in which the class asked him a number of questions, including how he managed to balance his professional and personal life and how he assumed a position of authority over people twice his age. Mr. Sharma answered all our questions finally ending the session with the promise to help all of us should we need his guidance. It was a really amazing session, as we got to hear about how life really is in the corporate world, and what we have to do to reach great heights in our careers. He told us that anything is possible, provided we give our all, and are really clear about where we want to go.

- Ami Parikh
MMS 2010-2012


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