Friday, December 27, 2013

Dr. Glen Brodowsky at SIMSREE Campus

Students at SIMSREE witnessed the first international guest lecture organised by BUZZ Marketing club, SIMSREE on 27th Dec, 2013. Dr. Glen H. Brodowsky, California State University, San Marcos, CA, USA, (Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo) is a Professor of Marketing at California State University San Marcos.

The lecture started with Dr. Glen quoting Charles Dickens’ views and later sharing about his life. It was primarily focused on how to grow when the economy loses its steam. Quoting live examples from Levis and Coke and how the brand evolved through ages to have its market share, he lucidly explained the preference of consumer centric over product centric strategy. However, he also cautioned that before comparing any two brands, its segment must be kept in mind. Having travelled globally he also gave his insights on how company changed its product line to suit the local market.

Through various graphs he explained that over past few years the company which has emerged as most successful undertook various risks and innovations down the line. Further, he singled out on innovation as the prime distinguishing factor for a successful company. Live examples of Blackberry and Samsung were discussed to drive home the point. However, it was pointed out that it is as good an art as a science to judge the market forces and time the launch of the product.

He also explained the rationale behind consumer behaviour. A consumer in a developed nation might buy a product just because people in other nations can’t afford it. Association of brands with consumer then becomes a part of his identity.

The presentation was followed by a brief Q&A round where Dr. Brodowsky was asked both sector specific and general questions. Dr. Brodowsky, with his immense knowledge and understanding of the sector, answered them promptly with a humour element added to it, taking examples from amongst the students. The students were left in awe for the simplicity and humble attitude of Dr. Brodowsky. We all, at SIMSREE thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule and adding to our learning.


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