Thursday, December 26, 2013

Guest Lecture by Mr. Mahesh Balasubramanian

At SIMSREE, continuing the tradition of guest lectures by eminent industry personalities, Mr. Mahesh Balasubramanian addressed the first year students on Thursday, 26th December. He is the Executive Vice-president, Kotak Mahindra Bank and also an alumnus of the institute from the 1991-92 batch.  The topic of the guest lecture was ‘Ring side view of Retail Banking’.

Mr. Balasubramanian elaborated on how the banking industry has moved from a ‘product-centric’ approach to a ‘consumer-centric’ approach: ‘Every customer is a segment’ is the essential of the approach.  “The banks are now taking a holistic view of the customer’s overall profile and what banking products he/she wants to use. The bank tries to keep the overall revenue from the cumulative products’ earnings at the maximum, thus in turn keeping the profits maximum. He elaborated how capturing an account has become easy, but retaining that account has become more difficult, in the changing conditions. This is where the ‘Relationship Managers’ come into picture: it is a bridge that connects the bank with the customer. With about 7,000 branches opened in 2013 alone, the opportunities in this sector are enormous.”

 Mr Balasubramanian also explained ‘the Kotak way’ that has delivered in last few years to make the bank to figure amongst the top five in private banks total capital category even though having lesser customer base. The bank thus plans to achieve more and more as it grabs and retains more and more customers.

The presentation was followed by a brief Q&A round where Mr. Balasubramanian was asked both sector specific and general questions. Mr Balasubramanian, with his immense knowledge and understanding of the sector, answered them promptly with a humour element added to it, taking examples from amongst the students. The students surely benefited from these valuable insights.


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