Thursday, February 23, 2012

SIMERATIONS 2012 ..... Back to the future

The most awaited event at SIMSREE, Simerations, the inter-collegiate event was successfully held from the 17th to the 19th of February 2012. Simerations is the flagship event of Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) organized by the Student Events Committee.
The Youth festival was a three day celebration, which consisted of events ranging from Management to Sports to Cultural and Literary. A combination of all these four categories coupled with the most abstract theme called “Back to The Future!!” created the perfect mix of events. “The future is only the past again, entered through another gate”clearly reflects the theme of our festival.
The inauguration of the festival was done on 17th feb by the General Secretaries of the college. For a student run institute like SIMSREE, this was the perfect start. The opening competitions of Simerations’12 were, Mock Stock and Cricket Qualifiers. These being the crowd pulling events, were houseful. Mock stock saw about 15 teams of 3 participants each and cricket saw an unbelievable crowd of about 45 teams with 5 boys and 1 girl in each team to pump up the glamour factor.
The other events were Table Tennis and Antichess. These events were followed by Cranium hosted by our very dear alumni Mr. Kartik Ramaswamy. In the evening the Group Dance and Fashion Show competitions were held followed by a DJ Mix. The group dance was judged by Mr. Akshay Dhoke, a professional choreographer. The fashion show was judged by Miss Patil who is a fashion designer herself and is also an Ex faculty at L S Raheja College.

It got even better on the second day with amazing sports events like Blind Volleyball and Rink Football. The Management event ‘Home Coming’ was held where, the partipants assumed the roles of representatives of companies and had to make a petition to back “Regretted Attrition”. The event was judged by our dearest Prof. Cabral and Mr. Somesh Roy, the Deputy General Manager, HR at BPCL. The afternoon saw an interesting turn of events with the Salsa Workshop, in which around 20 couples participated. Solo and Duet singing competitions followed which were judged by Timothy Sir, a stalwart in the music industry. The evening saw the performance of the very popular and the very amazing band “Ehsaas”. The crowd let their hair down while the band gave a rocking performance.
19th feb was the final day of Simerations. In the morning, the finals of various sport events like Cricket, Rink Football, Table tennis and Anti-chess were conducted. The management event for the day was ‘Tod Mod Ke Jod', which had a very new concept of taking a popular company and diversifying it to sell a product out of its line of business using its core competencies. The event was judged by Mr. Unmesh Diwan who is an alumnus of the 2008 batch and a partner at URSA Associates. Business Quiz and the Spent-Quiz were crowd-pullers. The final night witnessed the grand DJ Wars Nite. The competition had 8 DJ's competing against each other. It was a fitting finale for the 3 exhilarating days.
The grand success of Simerations'12 speaks volumes about the dedication and managerial skills of the Students Events Committee, the student body that toiled hard right from the inception to the execution of the event. The constant support and guidance provided by Director Sir, Dr. M A Khan and all the faculty members played a huge role in making this event successful.


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