Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest Lecture by Mr. Mangesh Vaitla

Our esteemed alumnus and Director at C2L BIZ Solutions (HK) Pvt Ltd, Mr. Mangesh Vaitla took a guest lecture on 17th September 2010. The general area of discussion was how different management specializations have their  own application in the field of IT and his lecture changed the way most of us look at the IT sector today.  The learning that made a mark was that IT is not all about coding. According to Mr. Vaitla, IT is all about making use of the technological advances to make businesses more efficient. Be it Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources or Operations, each have their own place in IT and IT has its own place in each and every one of them.

Big businesses globally are changing the way they look at IT. In many cases they do not treat it as a separate vertical anymore. Rather, IT is seen as the core which will ensure processes, which are unique to the firm, are at the center around which the personnel can rotate. This ensures that even though the people keep changing the fundamental knowledge and practices of a firm remain intact and are passed from one set of employees to another. Many firms, therefore, are now unwilling to outsource some of the critical parts of their business.

Sharing his thoughts on outsourcing, Mr. Vaitla said that most of the outsourcing from USA is based on need. Without the cost effectiveness provided by outsourcing, it would be very difficult for many firms to maintain same level of profitability. Hence the demand for IT outsourcing and in turn the demand for Indian IT services sector shall not see a huge dip in the coming years. However, according to Mr. Vaitla, Indian IT companies should not focus only on outsourcing which makes a huge chunk of their profits today. He said that it is time for Indian firms to move to a product oriented approach and spend more on R&D. Some companies have already started taking steps in that direction. We thank Mr. Vaitla for giving us such a deep understanding of the sector which has been one of the major driving forces of the India growth story.


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