Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guest Lecture by Mr. Boman Moradian

Mr. Boman Moradian, 1975 Alumnus of JBIMS, Proprietor Telesis Consultancy Services, Director Essel Propack, Director Garware Polyester Ltd, took a lecture with us  on 31st August 2010. The topic of the lecture was “Introduction to Operations Management”. 

The audience which included both the seniors and the juniors were totally absorbed in the 4 hour long lecture. Mr. Moradian made use of three examples- an automobile plant, a person being checked into a flight and the movement of documents in the creation of a new credit card to explain how the basic process flow remains the same, regardless of the unit being worked upon.

Mr. Moradian started by telling us that text books are unnecessary to truly understand Operations Management. Instead you need to simplify your thinking. In fact, that was the key point in his lecture- simplify, simplify. He recommended a number of books which would help us bring about a change in the way we think. Mr. Moradian also turned several myths on their heads, such as, buying new machinery to increase production and efficiency.  He said that new machinery rarely solves problems, rather it creates new ones, because it has never been tested before. Not only that, it is very expensive and does not give adequate returns on the investment. Instead, he said that it was much more sensible to buy one generation old machinery which is in good condition.

Mr. Moradian also explained the basic terms of Operations Management and the basic concept of a process consisting of a number of operations. He also explained the three basic measures- the Credibility measure, the Opportunity measure and the ROCE measure to us.  Mr. Moradian also explained some basic truths to us, like, the Customer is the CEO.

All in all, it was an amazing lecture – interesting and informative. We hope we get the opportunity to have more lectures with Mr. Moradian. 


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