Friday, October 23, 2015

Guest Lecture by Ms. Padmini Misra

The Corporate Relations Committee, SIMSREE was honoured to have Ms. Padmini Misra as a guest lecturer on the campus on 9th Oct, 2015. Ma’am is Chief People Officer & Global Head-HR, Cox & Kings (India) Ltd and has over 32 years of work experience in Hospitality, ITES, Retail & Travel industry including leadership positions for global corporations in the Service industry.

The session began with Ms. Padmini Misra sharing her valuable thoughts about the corporate industry and the expectations it has from new joiners. Ma’am gave a holistic view about the corporate world. She stated that the corporate world is strong, powerful and always hungry like a shark. Ma’am also gave an insight into the expectations harboured by the corporate world especially for new joiners.

She said that the corporate industry wants new comers who are solution oriented and have the ability to work well in teams. In addition to these she also stated that new comers will need people management skills and respect for the team members. Ms. Padmini Misra advised the students to trust their own abilities and to be their real self when faced with corporate challenges.

Ma’am also shared valuable insights related to travelling industry with the students. She stated that travelling industry is 80% “Desire” and 20% “Business”. It is a highly volatile industry with lots of ups and downs. A single media statement about a particular country can hamper the travel industry significantly. She gave various examples pertaining to India as a travel destination and how concerns regarding women-safety is hampering the travel industry.

The session provided students with valuable insights of the corporate world and travel industry in India. We would like to thank Ms. Padmini Misra for taking out her valuable time to enlighten students about the various aspects of corporate industry.


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