Friday, November 7, 2014

Guest Lecture By Mr. Anil Talreja

On 2nd November 2014, SIMCON organized a guest lecture by Mr. Anil Talreja, Partner at Deloitte Haskins & Sells. Mr. Talreja spoke on “Private Equity”.
Mr. Talreja started his lecture by giving the basic idea about Private Equity. He explained in very simple terms, how high net worth individuals and institutions make investments and acquire ownership in companies.

After explaining the concept of Private Equity, Mr. Talreja compared the Private Equity investments in India with those in Western countries. The discussion mainly revolved around the Private Equity investments in family owned businesses. He explained why family owned businesses in India are somewhat skeptical about the involvement of an external investor in their business.
Mr. Talreja then continued by explaining the structure of Private Equity investment. Though the structure is very complex in real life scenarios of Private Equity investments, he kept it simple by including only the most important blocks of the structure such as Investors, PE House, Management Company, Investment Company etc.
Mr. Talreja talked briefly on Venture Capitals as well. PE and VC are similar as they both are in the business of buying low and selling high. But they are different on many parameters, one of them being the target companies. While Private Equities usually target mature and underperforming companies, Venture Capitals usually target startups and early stage companies.
Mr. Talreja then discussed about some real life case studies such as Vodafone tax evasion issue which the Supreme Court ruled it in favor of Vodafone. Then Sir talked about GAAR (General anti-avoidance rules) and stressed on the importance of its implementation in India.

The lecture was very engaging wherein the students asked a lot of questions and Mr. Talreja answered them all. The students at SIMSREE found the lecture very beneficial. We thank Mr. Anil Talreja for taking time out and giving this very important lecture.


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