Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guest Lecture by Aditya Srinivas

SIMSREE got a golden opportunity to interact with our esteemed guest, Dr. V. Aditya Srinivas, for the second time after the induction period on 12th February, 2014. He is the COO & Chief Economist, BSE Brokers’ Forum, Chartered Wealth Manager, MBA (Gold Medal), Ph.D, MDP (IIM Ahmedabad). He has presented 20 research papers and has published 18 papers in National and International journals. He is also the editor of Forum Views, a monthly in-house magazine.

The topic for guest lecture was Careers in capital markets. Sir began the lecture by stating different avenues (career options) present in capital markets. He pointed out that this is the best time to explore all options and figure out which is the best suited for a student. The list is given below: -

1         1)      Macroeconomics
2         2)      Fundamental Analyst
3         3)      Technical Analyst
4         4)      Derivative Strategist
5         5)      Commodity Analyst
a.      Bullion
b.      Metals
c.       Energy
d.      Agriculture
           6)      Merchant Banking
7         7)      Loan Syndication
8         8)      Portfolio Management
9         9)      Fund raising for SMEs

Then Sir gave out the details on each of these career options namely the skills required, the nature of work and the future prospects. The lecture was interspersed with many questions and Sir answered each of them with clarity and purpose. Students gained a lot from this session. SIMSREE would like to thank Sir for taking out time from his busy schedule and guiding students on various career opportunities in capital markets.


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