Friday, March 29, 2013

Guest Lecture by Mr. Anil Joshi

SIMSREE was privileged to have on campus Mr. Anil Joshi, President at Mumbai Angels, for a guest lecture to throw light on the topics of Venture capitalist, Private equity and future career opportunities.

Mr. Joshi started the lecture by narrating his journey of his days of engineering to the president of Mumbai Angels. He described how in spite of getting good jobs he was not satisfied with what he was doing and how he made up his mind to be an entrepreneur.

Mr. Joshi also gave the students an idea as to how to pitch your idea to your investors. He gave the students the key points that the investors look into any project and the level of knowledge that the students need to have before going to such a pitch. He spoke about proprietorship, angel investing and gave simple examples of various popular brands to put forward his points.

Mr. Joshi made the session very interactive and students were more than happy to get as much knowledge from him as possible. His experience and knowledge helped the students gain insights on how to go forward with their budding ideas. It was a great learning experience and we hope to have Mr. Joshi for many more such interactions with students.

His advice to students,

“You have it in you. So be an entrepreneur, do something different and leave the normal job for the needier!”


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