Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guest Lecture By Mr.Patrick Bieg

On the 12th of January 2013 SIMSREE students had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Patrick Bieg accompanied by SIMSREE’s 2009 batch alumnus, Mr. Ravindra Dolare. Mr. Bieg, who achieved his masters in finance from Germany, has previously worked with multinationals like Hugo Boss, Audi and is currently working with Volkswagen in Germany.

The sole purpose of his visit was to guide and educate the students regarding opportunities that are available abroad and how one should go about taking up different courses if one has an interest in working abroad. He broadly spoke on three things: International environment, Personal development and Cultural differences. He spoke on how globalization has changed the face of the world. He spoke about the GDP trends of different developing nations and the growing trend in the students flying abroad for higher studies. He explained how India is facing fierce competition from China.

He went on explaining in detail how one must plan their visit to a foreign country and the importance of planning. He explained the fundamentals of studying in a foreign country starting right from the plethora of various options (courses) available to preparing a proper budget. He informed the students about the mentorship programs available abroad. He deciphered the apprehensions regarding the high costs involved in studying abroad and various other option that are available like scholarships and even free education.

He further clarified that top designations in most of the big & reputed companies around the globe are not achieved by mere hard work, but won by very strong networks that one makes and how one can be benefited by study programs abroad in creating good networks. He demystified that the percentage of hard work that goes into big promotions is just around 20, while the rest is determined by how strong network one has, ones academics, how well one markets oneself and many such parameters.

He further spoke on the cultural differences that one has to cope with and how one should go about researching a country’s different cultures beforehand. He explained about the prospect of growth and the scope for personal development that one has in a study program abroad. He later went on answering some of the most practical queries & apprehensions that students had in their minds regarding studying abroad. The doubts in the mind of all the students were cleared to more than satisfaction.

 All in all it was a really interesting lecture and the students will surely look forward to more of such lectures in the future. SIMSREE would like to thank Mr. Ravindra Dolare’s sincere efforts to make this lecture total success.


The lecture was very informative and Mr. Patrick gave us a clear picture of the plethora of opportunities available to study and work abroad.

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