Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guest Lecture by Mr. Kalyan Prasath

On 9th January 2013, SIMSREE had the pleasure to have Mr. Kalyan Prasath, Sr. Vice President & Head Information Technology at ICICI Prudential AMC Limited on campus. Mr.Kalyan joined ICICI Prudential AMC in June 2001.Mr.Kalyan Prasath holds a Diploma in Business Management from ICFAI and Post Graduate Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT. He has 27 years of experience across industries like IT, manufacturing and banking & financial services.

Mr. Kalyan Prasath started his interactive session by asking the students about their expectations from the session and their doubts. He kept his promise and successfully answered the queries of the students in the entire session.

First he talked about planning and the risk associated with it. He said that mitigation is very important and should be a part of the plan. Then he explained that there are three types of risks; mitigable, minimizable and unavoidable. He emphasized on the concept of ‘Plan B’ and its importance. Moving forward, he talked about the technological advancements and said “Technology, IT is an open ground and can be used as a pitch for playing different games.”

When asked about the success mantra for growth of oneself in an organization he rightly answered that the CEOs and the upper management are concerned with the outcomes more than the technical details and the processes, so for a successful transition to the upper designations, one should learn how to speak in the language of the seniors. He also emphasized on efficient decision making and said that successful people are highly decisive and for decision making, managers should not float on the surface but should deep dive. He also further threw light on the role of IT in a financial organization, ERP packages in the banking industry. He also explained the role of IT in supply chain management.

This interactive session solved a lot of queries of the students of SIMSREE. It was a very insightful session and we look forward to more such sessions.


Sir has talked on various issues related with Risk management . Sir has explained concept of Risk and importance of risk taking . He also stressed upon Importance of manual interventions and not making completely automated systems which can limit the risk involved .

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