Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sandeep Mangle

On 30th September 2012, the SIMSREE batch 2012-14 had the pleasure to have Mr. Sandeep Mangle, Manager - Supply Chain Excellence at BASF India Ltd and 2005 alumnus. He has an Industry exposure in fortune 500 MNC's in chemical sector with key focus on marketing strategy, business development & business operations.
            Mr. Sandeep started the session by a brief presentation on the things that one shouldn’t miss in an MBA course. During the presentation Mr. Sandeep conjured up the memories of his own college days which was a good-to-hear experience. He went ahead and explained the importance of four things viz. ‘Passion’, ‘Team work’, ‘Believing in Yourself’ & ‘Leadership’ in  corporate life.

            Mr. Sandeep shared a lot of practical knowledge & experience which was really valuable. He explained in detail all the profiles that are available for a marketing graduate viz.  Business/Marketing analyst, Product manager, Group product manager, Marketing manager etc.  He got down to the nitty-gritty details regarding all the profiles and clarified on what an MBA should expect from these profiles, a typical day at work and much more.
            Later he elaborated on “Supply Chain Management (SCM)”. He even showed the batch a small movie that helped in understanding what a supply chain manager has to deal with, by taking example of a packaged drinking water bottle plant. The movie even clarified the role of supply chain management in service industry with an example of hotels. He then gave an idea of the profiles that one might take up in a supply chain domain.
            Some other topics that he touched upon were Supply chain strategy and processes which includes Order management & customer services, SCM strategy & consulting, SCM integration and analytics etc. He then showed another video that depicted the efficient supply network planning of Procter & Gamble, which was really interesting. The lecture turned out to be very informative and beneficial to the batch in terms of the learning that it provided. We look forward to more such sessions on diverse domains on knowledge.


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