Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guest Lecture on "Entrepreneurship" by Mr.Siddharth Shah

On 25th September’12, all of a sudden the 6th alphabet of ‘SIMSREE’ appeared to be much bigger than it ever was after the 2012-2014 batch had the pleasure and the privilege to have Mr.Siddharth Shah, 2012 alumnus of the prestigious IIM-Ahmedabad on campus.  Mr.Siddharth, a talented engineer and a very young entrepreneur, graduated from the aforesaid institute just 6 months ago and is one among the very few of his batch mates to opt out of the institute’s placement process to start up his own venture.
Mr Siddharth Shah
He started by questioning whether an MBA is really important to be successful and explained at the same time, why Entrepreneurship can work wonders for all and anyone of us. He emphasized a lot on breaking the barriers of a common way of thinking that a job is the right way. He went ahead and clarified that on joining a big company one would end up being a very small part of that organization whereas if one would think of initiating a business of his own he would be looking after every big & small things the way he wants and apply his knowledge too. He explained that there are 6 things that one requires to run a successful business viz., Confidence, Persistence, Patience, Leadership, Team Building and lastly Vision. He further said that a vision is nothing more than just a simple solution to any problem that people face each and every day, which is how he came up with the idea of ‘DialHealth’, his own venture which is at its preliminary stage at present. He explained that when one has a solution to a problem he has an idea too.
He emphasized a lot on “Courage”, which is the single biggest driving factor and the ”need to work for yourself”. After which he went on elaborating his own journey and gave some examples of a few other people that inspired almost each and every one of the batch.  As we went ahead he addressed the questions and apprehensions that many amongst the batch had pertaining to entrepreneurship and shared a lot of practical solutions which satisfied the batch to the fullest. He advised and motivated the batch to read the stories of other entrepreneurs and meet a lot of people around once someone has an idea of his own, which will help to clear out any doubts that one might have regarding his idea. He further emphasized that one must incubate the fire in the belly to do something and shouldn’t let it go.
Lastly he assured that working for something of your own is a lot more fun as you get to play a role of not just a MBA but also of a CA, a lawyer, a sales person, a HR person and a lot more and this experience is in no way similar or even close to what a job will provide. To end he gave a success mantra to the entire batch which says that when you give a solution added with convenience and value to your customer you are bound to achieve success. All in all it was an awesome experience and as he left the batch was craving to listen to more of Mr.Siddharth’s inspirational and motivating words. The batch would like to thank the entire E-cell committee to present this wonderful opportunity.


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