Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guest Lecture by Mr. Shrinidhi Nadgauda

In the current scenario of Open Market Economy, surviving and having a competitive advantage while keeping sustainability in mind is one of the most important challenges faced by most businesses. Hence, it was a great opportunity for us when Mr. Shrinidhi Nadgauda shared his insight on this crucial dimension of business with the students of SIMSREE on 25th September 2012. Mr. Nadgauda is currently the Sr. General Manager at Welspun Global Brands Ltd. He has been associated with Welspun for more than 7 years now, having joined Welspun India Ltd. as a General Manager in 2005.

 The topic of discussion was ‘Making Supply meet Demand – Streamlining Manufacturing and operations with Market Demand’. Mr. Nadgauda opened the topic by discussing how the demand supply dynamics have changed over the decades from the 1960’s where the manufacturing industry dominated, with the demand always exceeding the supply; till today where we have fierce competition in most sectors. He stressed on the importance of a well placed SCM and logistics system as well as the seamless integration of manufacturing, operations and marketing in an organization to maintain a sustained growth rate. He pointed out that the various departments in an organization independently may have conflicting objectives and a lack of co–ordination between them may lead to incorrect forecasting of demand.

Mr. Nadgauda then went on to discuss how these strategic measures were incorporated in Welspun Global Brands Ltd. He discussed how with measures like sharing ‘Average weekly sales’, they have managed to have a transparent information sharing system across the organization synchronizing the sales and production. Coupled with a collaborative supply chain management, these strategies have helped Welspun optimize the ROI for the business as a whole.

Towards the end Mr. Nadgauda addressed the queries of the students, relating to his personal life experiences while answering them. The pearls of wisdom shared by him have definitely made us more equipped to tackle challenges that may come our way. We hope to have many such sessions in the future as well.


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