Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sidharth Singh

On the 29th July 2011, SIMSREE was proud and honoured to welcome our illustrious alumniMr Sidharth Singh, on campus. Mr Singh was a part of the 1994 batch and has, since then, been a part of the corporate world. Currently he is working as the General Manager Foods at Hindustan Unilever.

It was an amazingly interactive session wherein Mr Singh enlightened the students with his insights and experience about growing a market and a company’s market share. Taking various example Mr Singh took everyone through the traditional four P’s of marketing, i.e. Product, Place, Price and Promotion and then took things a step forward by adding another and a very important P; Proposition. Mr Singh explained to the gathering how the value proposition offered by a product or service determines how it is perceived by the consumer and that in turn tells us how to promote the product and how much to charge for it. The points were insightful and helped us in altering our view on marketing.

Furthermore, Mr Sidharth Singh also talked about market size and market share and how to grow them. He told us about the three ways to increase the size of a market – by increasing penetration, i.e. increasing the sheer number of people using your product or service; by increasing usage, i.e. increasing the number of times customers use your product or service and by providing extra benefits in order to improve the value proposition of the product.

The best part about the session was that the learnings were through real life examples which meant that the students could participate in the session while at the same time get a glimpse into the mind of an industry veteran. We would definitely like to have more such sessions in the future and hope that Mr Sidharth Singh visits our institute again soon.


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