Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ishmeet Singh

SIMSREE was honoured to have on campus Mr. Ishmeet Singh, Business Head, Vodafone India- Haryana Circle on the 15th of August 2011. Mr. Singh was there to speak about the advent of the Indian telecom industry, its growth path and challenges faced along the way and likely to be faced in future. 

Mr. Singh started off by describing the early days of the telecom sector in India. Telephonic conversations were a rarity, considering the difficulties one faced in making calls and acquiring landline connections. Even the introduction of mobile communication did not improve matters-incoming and outgoing calls were both chargeable at stratospheric rates. Things changed with the development of CDMA technology. This was a milestone which ushered in the era of affordable mobile telephony. 

Mr. Singh concluded with the challenges faced by the industry today, especially in view of limited spectrum availability, increasing competition and changing government regulations. Various opportunities are also present, such as the introduction of 3G services. The priority for companies in this sector is maintaining customer loyalty and increased focus on value based services. Intense competition prevails and organizations need to constantly innovate to sustain themselves. 

It was indeed a very interesting and informative session and we hope to have many more such sessions in future.


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