Saturday, January 22, 2011


“SIMSREE is here to show, Green is the way to go!!!”  This is one chant that definitely could not be missed at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2011, given the enthusiasm with which we endorsed it. Yes, SIMSREE was a part of the Dream Run this year (and a noticeably vociferous one).

SIMSREE supported the Sanskar Foundation, which is an NGO dedicated to health, environmental, social and civic issues. It aims to empower citizens to make a significant contribution towards protecting and nurturing the environment. SIMSREE also ran for “Eco-Binders”-the project which won the MUNIJAN competition organized by the University of Mumbai in October 2010.

We feel that environmental consciousness is one issue which has not always received the importance it deserves. To do our small bit to remedy this, we decided to endorse the idea of “going green” in an individual’s daily life-each and every one of us, be it a student, working professional or just anyone can and should contribute to preserving the environment-no matter in how small a way. It could be as simple as using the blank pages of half-full notebooks instead of throwing them away (Eco-binders anyone?) or simply doing little things like switching off lights and fans, using public transport or recycling. This is the message we wanted to bring out-you CAN make a difference.

Well, we came, we saw and we walked (and even danced) our way from start to finish. Each and every one of the participants took up the cause enthusiastically and there was no lack of energy at any point. On the contrary, our energy levels seemed to rise with each additional step we took. The icing on the cake was the impromptu dance across the Marine Lines flyover and of course, our triumphant foray across the finish line. And you know what the best part about all this was? It was entirely eco-friendly...


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