Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Search of

In search of…

The rising sun says with it golden rays,

The ocean with it waves from the deepest trench,

The trees from their arms bench,

The wind of the driest desert,

Pave the way for us.

With start of day began the exploration of every being

Our search for goodwill and mind's peace

Higher than sky are our aspiration

Stronger than mountains are our foundations

Spiritually pure than the heavenly bodies

Underlining the constellational unity

The river's silent beauty

Deeper than the length of cosmos

We must seek to achieve our goals.

The music from its consciousness

Says never lose your deliberation.

Boost like sharp fire,

And as mild as ice.

The shadow from their darkest part

Never fall apart.

The blood from its deep

Never lose your color.

Mechanical as wheel and natural like water.

Life is a three sided mirror

One the world perceive of our

The other side is scene of the world,

And one we are.

This all stand on a two edged sword,

Good and evil.

Dinesh Agarwal,
MMS 2009-2011,
Alumni Committee Member,
Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education.

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An old poem wrote some years ago.


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