Sunday, August 10, 2014

Guest Lecture by Dr Rajeev Mishra

Dr. Rajeev Mishra, an HR professional having more than 23 years of experience in training, management education and generalist HR, presently heads HR and Administration at AMW Motors Ltd and is an accomplished trainer, conducting sessions on soft-skill modules like Self Development, Change Management, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, etc. He came to SIMSREE on 10th August, 2014 with the objective to help students understand themselves better in order to grow responsibly, be motivated, and have the right perception and appropriate attitude.

Humans have a tendency of looking at themselves through the eyes of others, in the process they often forget to take their own opinions into consideration. He laid emphasis on believing in oneself and that evaluating and understanding oneself is a continuous process. He stressed upon the importance of the ‘Looking Glass Self Theory’ i.e. how one can develop oneself by just looking into a mirror. Also, introspection needs to be done objectively and rationally. Human emotions are destructive; the challenge is to keep these emotions in check.
Introducing the students to Sigmund Freud’s elements of psychology – the Id, Ego and Super Ego, he explained how pressure is a result of expectations and consequences while frustration occurs when our journey is blocked.
Everything is relative and introspection is the key to improving oneself. Different situations need to be adapted to differently. Understanding the context, the situation and the people involved always helps broaden one’s perspective.
Trust yourself and never give up, be rational and follow your own path. Accept it as a challenge. The way we steer our ego defines us.
He ended the lecture by sharing a mantra:
1) Give- Surrender yourself to the cause
2) Mercy to everyone
3) Self Control
Set your goals and you can become whatever you wish! Self-realization is the key to success and one must master the art of looking at things either subjectively or objectively.
The entire session was very interactive and stimulating and he cleared several misconceptions by giving anecdotes from his repertoire arising from years of experience in dealing with people.


came to realize the importance of introspection and self realization...a great session!!!

A mind broadening session which helped us understand that self improvement is an ongoing process...

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