Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Lecture by Mr. Munjal Kamdar

SIMSREE welcomed yet another dignitary on campus. This time it was Mr. Munjal Kamdar, Enterprise Risk Solutions, Deloitte and also an alumnus of SIMSREE from the 1996  batch. The topic for the day was ‘Succeeding In Your First Job’.

Mr. Kamdar started off by telling us about himself. He described what life was like for him immediately after he left SIMSREE. With graphic examples and personal anecdotes, Mr. Kamdar explained some of the common mistakes made by most management trainees. These mistakes covered a range of areas from etiquette and office protocol to performance and goals. He also emphasized that failures are natural and eventual but the key thing about them is to recognize, acknowledge and ultimately work towards rectification of past errors. Another very interesting point he brought up was the progress of an individual from unconscious incompetence to conscious excellence. Conscious excellence is something that all of us must strive for from the very day we embark on our careers. He concluded by describing his journey so far and also gave us some useful tips on the corporate world and how to smoothen our progress through it.

Mr. Kamdar’s session was an extremely interesting and informative one and we are very grateful to him for sharing his valuable insights with us. This knowledge is not to be found in a classroom or textbook but can only be learned by experience and we appreciate the same. We hope to have many more of such educational sessions in future.


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